General FAQ

Will the Ambledown Gap Cover Series cover me if I only have a hospital cash plan and do not belong to a registered Medical Scheme?

No, the Ambledown Gap Cover Range augments (assists, increases) the benefit offered by a Medical Scheme. Regrettably without a recognised registered Medical Aid Plan in place as the Principal member or dependant you cannot have gap cover.

Can I obtain Cover for my parents or relatives?

No, this product only covers immediate family which includes the spouse of the main member and children. Your parents may however take out their own policy.

Can I continue with Cover for my 26 year old child who is still financially dependent on me?

Yes, an adult child will however need to take out his/her own gap cover policy, even if they are registered as a dependent on your Medical Scheme. However this is not applicable if the child, 26 years old or more is mentally or physically handicapped who is wholly dependent on you and is a registered dependent on your Medical Scheme. Proof of disability will be required.

My grandchild is covered by my medical aid. Will he/she also be covered by my Gap Cover?

Cover for the grandchild is subject to the child being legally adopted or fostered. Then the eligible child conditions will be applicable.

I have been on Gap Cover with another company, if I join Ambledown will I be subjected to waiting periods?

Certificate of insurance from the previous insurer will be required to prove cover. If there is no break in cover, cover will continue as is on the same benefits. Waiting periods will be imposed on any new benefits obtained.

Will the policy premium be adjusted, and how frequently will it be adjusted?

The Gap Cover Series is rated annually with adjustments taking effect on 1 January every year. Adjustments are based on various factors, including but not limited to, medical inflation, provider disposition (the likelihood of a medical practitioner to increase charges) as well as a study of the various Medical Scheme options and the impact on our product benefits. We do reserve the right to adjust the premium with 31 days written notice.

What are the notable exclusions of the policy?

      1. Any procedure not covered or declined by the Medical Scheme.
      2. Pre-existing conditions (Unless Waived).
      3. Depression, Insanity or mental stress or psychotic/psychoneurotic disorders.

It is recommended that a full list of exclusions be provided to the individual as per the policy wording.

Should I wish to buy-up in the Gap Cover Series, will new waiting periods and pre-existing conditions apply?

Yes, should you buy-up in the range of products, new Waiting periods and pre-existing conditions will apply. The waiting periods and pre-existing conditions will apply to additional benefits.

Are my Gap Cover premium payments paid to Ambledown Income Tax deductible?

No. Section 18 (1) of the Income Tax Act allows a deduction for contributions to a Medical Scheme registered in terms of the Medical Schemes Act of 1998. The Gap Cover Series is defined as Accident and Health products in the Short-Term Insurance Act.

Gap Cover premium payments paid to Ambledown for my employees, can I claim them back for VAT?

That will depend on who the Policy Holder is and your company’s VAT registration conditions, kindly refer the query to your company Accountant or Tax Consultant.

What happens if I don’t pay my premium on time?

The responsibility vests with you to ensure that the premium is paid and the debit order is collected successfully. Debit orders are collected electronically in advance. Should the debit order not be successful, the cover will be suspendended on the last day of the month for which an unsuccessful debit was done. An automatic second debit will be run the following month which will include the arrears and the new month’s premium. Should the second debit not be successful, no further attempts will be made to collect arrear premiums and the policy will be effectively cancelled.

How do I cancel my Gap Cover?

31 days written notice must be given to Ambledown via email to or fax to (011) 463 1600. However, we do advise that you contact your broker to determine the necessity of the Ambledown Gap Cover product and submit the cancellation through the broker after proper consultation.

Claims FAQ

I am due for an operation, how do I get the pre -authorisation number?

Regrettably we do not provide pre-authorisations on claims. Please consult with you medical aid for such. Kindly refer to your gap cover policy document regarding your available benefits and applicable exclusions. Alternatively contact your broker to provide clarity where needed.

I am due for an operation, I was informed that there will be a co-payment. Will this be paid by my gap cover policy?

The claim will be considered if you have a Co-payment benefit on your policy.

However where the Co-payment is as a result of penalty imposed by your Medical Scheme, Gap cover will not reimburse you.

Where the Medical Scheme informs you of a Co-payment free option and you opt not to take it, such a “Co-payment” will be considered to be a penalty and such a claim will be rejected.

Why will my claim not be paid if I want a surgical procedure to be carried out by my preferred Specialist?

If the claim is within the benefit structure of the policy it will considered for payment. Where the accounts for the Specialist are declined by your Medical Scheme In part or in full, then it will not be considered for gap cover. This often occurs when the Specialist is not part of the Medical Aids’ Network of Providers (Designated Service Provider – DSP) and or operates in a hospital facility that does not belong to the Medical Aids’ Network of Listed Hospitals (Designated Service Provider – DSP).

My medical aid savings are depleted. How do I go about claiming from my Gap Cover?

Gap cover is not intended to cover you for the normal day to day benefits payable by your Medical Scheme, e.g. doctor consultations, medication, consumables. Generally (but not limited to) claims for procedures and treatment paid by your Medical Scheme out of your hospital risk benefits will be considered.

How and when do I submit a claim?

A claim form can be obtained from your broker or our website. It must be completed in full and emailed to with all supporting documentation within 6 months of the first day of treatment / hospitalisation.

To whom will the benefit be paid?

The principal member needs to provide his her own banking details for payment to be made. We do not pay the service provider.

How long will the claims process take?

The claim is assessed within a reasonable time frame from receipt of all supporting documentation. Our service levels require that a claims assessment be completed within 2 weeks of receipt of all supporting documentation.

If I wish to dispute the claims assessment, what procedures do I need to follow and within what time frame?

A claim may be disputed by :

  • Making representation to the Insurer indicated in the Disclosure Notice attached to the policy wording within 90 days of receipt of the benefit letter / rejection letter. The insurer is obliged to provide you with feedback within 45 days.
  • You may also contact the Financial Services Ombud indicated in the Disclosure Notice attached to the policy wording should you not be satisfied with the response of the Insurer.
    • The FAIS Ombud may also be contacted for any complaints against your broker.
    • The Ombud for Short-Term Insurance or The Ombud for Long-Term Insurance may also be contacted for any complaints against the insurer.

You may also constitute legal action should the matter not be resolved by either the insurer or the relevant Ombud. The claim will prescribe 6 months after the expiry of the 90 day period indicated above. (No further claims will be payable for the specific claim)

I received treatment in a Casualty Ward, can I submit the account to Gap for payment?

The account will be considered if the treatment received was a result of an emergency or classified as an emergency treatment by the attending Medical Practitioner, as per the ICD codes on the invoices. Classification will not be limited to your interpretation of the symptoms presented.

I was hospitalised and upon recovery discharged, however I need to receive daily treatment in the Casualty Ward. A facility folder with my Medical Scheme for daily authorisations has been approved. Will the Casualty accounts be settled under my Gap cover?

The facility fee claims will NOT be covered as these are out-patient related claims. It is not related to an emergency to be considered for payment from the casualty benefit. Most of the charged items will relate to material expenditure, which is an exclusion on the policy.

What is a PMB?

Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMB’s) are minimum benefits which by law must be provided to all Medical Scheme members by Medical Schemes and include the provision of diagnosis, treatment and care costs for:

    • any emergency medical condition
    • a range of conditions as specified in Annexure A of the Regulations to the Medical Schemes Act (No 131 of 1998), subject to limitations specified in Annexure A. Included in this list of conditions is the list of chronic conditions.

I would like to claim for a fee the Doctor has charged me over and above the tariff that was submitted to my Medical Scheme.

This is what we refer to as “Split Billing”. Regrettably any amount charged by a Medical Practitioner or Hospital which is a separately identifiable fee, in excess of the Medical Scheme Tariff and not considered refundable by a Medical Scheme will not be considered under your gap cover. For gap to be assessed the account needs to reflect and be assessed by the Medical Scheme.