Gap Cover Series 2019


The Gap Cover Series is offered through the following Insurers:

  • Constantia Insurance Company Limited,
    Registration Number 1952/001514/06, FSP Number 31111
  • Hollard Group Risk,
    a division of Hollard Life Assurance Company Limited, Registration Number 1993/001405/06, FSP Number 17697
  • Hollard Group Risk,
    a division of The Hollard Insurance Company Limited, Registration Number 1952/003004/06, FSP Number 17698

Ambledown Financial Services Proprietary Limited
(Registration Number 2004/006271/07, FSP Number 10287) (Ambledown) has been appointed by the above insurers to perform binder functions on their behalf. The binder functions are:

  • Entering into, varying and renewing policies
  • Determining the wording of policies
  • Determining the premiums under policies
  • Determining the value of policy benefits under a policy
  • Settling claims under a policy

Binder functions are regulated in terms of Section 49A of the Long-Term Insurance Act 52 of 1998 and Section 48A of the Short-Term Insurance Act 53 of 1998. The binder functions are set out in a written binder agreement between the Insurers and Ambledown and are remunerated by a binder fee as agreed with the relevant Insurer.

The Insurers have also outsourced certain other supporting administration functions to Ambledown in terms of written administration agreements. Ambledown is remunerated for performing these outsourced administration functions by an administration fee as agreed with the Insurer.


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Ambledown is an Authorised Financial Services Provider, No. 10287
Underwritten by Constantia Insurance Company Limited, an authorised FSP 31111
Ambledown Finacial Services (Pty) Ltd
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This is not a medical scheme and the cover is not the same as that of a medical scheme
This policy is not a substitute for medical scheme membership.

The details provided are only for marketing purposes. The Master Policy issued is the source of all benefits, rights, and obligations and exclusions. To determine your individual needs, we suggest that you contact your broker and request advice from him /her.

Ambledown is an authorised Financial Services Provider

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